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What is Love? who really knows?

“Before you begin reading this amazing article i’m self promoting, be sure to play the music insert at the bottom of this page for a lovely feeling, :)”

Another side not: As you read this try and think of the person you love. If you do not have anyone yet, think of the person you would want to express your love to one day.

To be honest, this is very misunderstood emotion. At Least that’s how i define it, as an emotion. An emotion that does not get
enough justification even for its name sake.
Most of us nowadays understand less of what this “emotion” really is, nor what it means or how to express it.

Now it’s important to know and understand that there are different forms of Love and hopefully we get to discuss all of them
in detail soon, But for now its the Eros type of love. or as it is defined : passionate love, and is the type most akin to our modern construct of romantic love.(

Love is not just a verb but its deeper than just the word. Love is a feeling, an expression, an expressive emotion- one that is not to be suppressed but by all means expressed. This also means effort is required when it comes to expressing it.

..Now I’ve learned that love needs expression…(Michael Jackson’s she’s out of my life)

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So then how best do we express our love for our partners be it the person we are dating or married to?

  • Do we do it by buying a bouquet of flowers?
  • Is it in in the form of public displays of affection? i.e holding hands?
  • Is it by taking a lot of pictures with them?
  • Is it by surrounding yourself with images and memorabilia of them?
  • Or do u we show our love or affection for someone by having them on our status on social media?

    Based on my personal findings there is no right or wrong way to express love from those suggestions given above. But let’s get deeper and add some meaning to that expression i call love.

♥ Know your partner.

-Its important truly to know your partner and understand them. An act which often requires time invested. Its very hard to know a person truly overnight. Knowing or loving a person takes time, and that time feels like nothing if you’re with the right person. Days feel like minutes, weeks feel like hours and so on and so on. Love can be magical.

love 1
“…take time to know her Not an overnight fling .Take time to know her,Don’t go rushin to do your thing…(Percy Sledge)”

-It is also just important to spend time with the one you love. Period.

♥. Make eye contact.

-Yes, something as easy as looking your partner in the eye during a conversation speaks volumes without words being actually exchanged. Now this also depends on the way
we are looking at them. Any angry look by no means translate into ” i love you”.

The trick here is not to always be staring at your partner in the eye at every chance you get, that could seem kinda creepy. But the act has to come naturally, and you`ll find not only are you making eye contact, but you are letting them know how special they are.

♥. Small but important gestures.

This does not mean we should completely do away with the big important gestures, no! However its the small things that may seem unimportant that actually do matter.
such small things like opening a car door, or pulling a seat at restaurant, Or my personal favourite, the “i love you” text/ voicenote.

Again doing any of these things should not feel like a duty. Oh boy no. Allow your heart to lead. Love is best expressed when its heartfelt.

I did read somewhere that 90% of all human communication is nonverbal. I say this so i can simply tell you to just hold their hand sometime, gently hold his/her hand.

love 3

♥. Love yourself.

I think it’s only only logical that we learn to love ourselves before we can truly love another person. For when we understand the measurement we want to be loved can we then express that love to another person. Love is beautiful. ♥

Falling in love becomes easier when we truly understand the feeling and have it’s energy coming from the depths of hearts and not our minds, our hearts! Past hurts or mistakes do not govern the heart. …“Selena Gomez – The Heart Wants What It Wants”

But here is my thing, love can be a very beautiful thing, if done right that is. It can lead to a whole lot of happiness for those that share it or spread it.

And so i leave with you with this: Love can heal a lot of the world’s ills. Just spreading a little bit of it to where we find its needed most can do wonders.
But that may never be an actual reality knowing the world we live in, But who cares? Let’s start with loving the person we are with. Love absolutely.

“…Love train the Ojays”


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