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On May 28th I had the privilege of being one of the invited guests at a blockchats dinner hosted by Glitzkoin, and it was  at this event i became aware of this brilliant concept that was presented by by the company`s CEO Mr Navneet Goenka.

Two things you might want keep in mind when you hear the name Glitzkoin, number one Diamonds and number two, money, and What money? crypto curreny through the blockchain technology.

Glitzkoin also dubbed as “the superior Diamond blockchain with Crypto currency.” is to my finding a revolutionary concept in the world of crypto currencies and digital tokens.

So,What are they about? Easy: Money, diamonds, diamond money… well atleast this is what i personally thought at the beginning and it does turn out that my simple understanding was not too far off the mark. Yea!

“… GLITZKOIN seeks to build a blockchain based open ecosystem for the diamond industry where all the trade in diamonds can be conducted and coordinated.

GLITZKOIN is a global startup that uses the best of emerging technology including blockchain, smart contracts and machine learning to assist in the reduction of risk and fraud for banks, insurers and open marketplaces in the diamond and precious stone industry. We provide a full ecosystem for the diamond industry from a supply chain solution, to tracking & certification of diamonds and finally a decentralized exchange for the trade of diamonds and related services.”

So will this concept work? well there is more than one way too look at that question and also to define who the concept is designed for. A quick answer will be yes it does work, it works for both the trader, and the investor.  By virtue of this being a “decentralized exchange” it nips out the middleman, reducing the amount of time it would have normally taken to execute a trade. And i’m​ sure like most things in life there is bound to be pro`s and cons, but at this moment i am yet to identify any downside to this concept.

Two other very important global companies that were present were Ataplus and their focus was on their Rohingya Project, and Spindle, sharing on the firstmatch-making platform for privet users and crypto-currency funds. Anyway we shall revisit those two giants in future articles.

Disclaimer: The above points or ideas i brought out are purely my own and to get a better understanding of Glitzkoin, please visit their website :


Money, Money, Money! This is what the world seems to be chasing right? To some of us this chase is an active one and to some its passive, but still a chase non the less. Which is why a little knowledge on this very important subject will go a long way in understanding and having significant control on how we distribute our wealth throughout the course of lives.

It is important to pay attention to what i`d love to call “new money”. Not Just I alone but a very large number of people are aware and are actively getting engaged in Cryptocurrency in one way or the other.

It is my utmost pleasure, joy and delight to bring some of the fundamental aspects of cryptocurreny and the whole Fintech  world to you in ways that are not only highly informative but also inspirational to enable all us to have a better knowledge of “the new money”

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“Fortune sides with him who dares.” 
― Virgil